Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam Sofa Mattress

Sleep Master Gel Memory Foam Sofa Mattress

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Product Description

Having an extra bed in your home can prove to be very useful when you have company over or family over for the holidays. Some people do not have the extra bedroom to be able to put an extra bed in. Therefore, consider using a pull out couch as your alternative. Even pull out couches need to have comfortable mattresses on them or the individual or couple sleeping on it may become uncomfortable and wake up with back aches. A memory foam mattress for a pull out couch is not an extreme thought. In fact, Sleep Master has created a memory foam mattress that fits into pull out couch frames.

Dimensions and Details

Many couch mattresses are on the small side and do not include king sizes. However, this gel memory foam mattress can be ordered in three different sizes, Twin, Full, or Queen. Each mattress is five inches thick and is combined of one inch worth of gel infused memory foam and a base of high density foam that is four inches. It weighs an approximate thirty two pounds when completely expanded to the natural form. The mattress is sold separately from the couch or sofa. It can be a perfect replacement for your sofa pull out.

The Positives of the Sofa Memory Foam Mattress

One of the biggest positives that this mattress has had consumers raving about is the gel infused foam. The gel infused foam helps to keep a cool temperature to the foam which in turns keeps the sleepers from becoming too hot and sweating. The firmness is another positive that has been raved about. Some say that it is firmer than a larger mattress that they have previously slept on while others say the firmness is just right for their situation. As with most new products the new smell was simply not there. Consumers found the mattress not to have an obnoxious odor to it after expanding.

The Negatives of the Sofa Memory Foam Mattress

There are thousands of things that could go wrong with a single mattress, but some consumers have found the same issues when purchasing this foam mattress. One issues that has been found is that the foam does not reshape slowly but over the course of hours and sometimes days. Although there is a bar through the middle of the sofa bed, the mattress does not make a comfortable transition when moving from your back to your side. Another issue that has arisen from the purchase of this mattress, is that consumers are finding the mattress is too big for their queen sized sofa or not big enough with the twin size.

The Conclusion

There are many different sofa beds out there that may take a specific type of mattress, but there are some that will fit any twin, full, or queen. These can be replaced with memory foam mattresses to give the sleeper a better nights worth of rest and a morning feeling refreshed. There are many different types of memory foam, some in which that has certification through performance and endurance testing, while others might not have the same certification. Be sure to check out for more information on memory foam mattress and other reviews.