Reasons to Use a Rowing Machine

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Are you sick and tired of doing your standard workout every single morning? Is it time for you to switch over to something that you actually want to do? While they may not be for everyone, rowing machines may just be the answer you are looking for. The goal here is to illustrate for you the biggest benefits to using this type of machine. If you come to the realization that this is something for you, then you need to check out Home Rower. Here, you will find the top of the line reviews on all different kinds of rowing machines. However, check out these reasons before you decide to do that.

A Full Body Workout All in One

Probably the biggest problem with your current workout routine is that you have to perform several different exercises to work out each part of your body. This is not an issue with a rowing machine because they give you both an upper-body and lower-body workout. When you see someone exercise on this machine, you would think that all of the focus would be on the arms, back, and shoulders. However, this couldn’t be more wrong because your legs are getting as much a workout as anything. Think about how much time it would save you in the morning to have a machine that improves all of your major muscles at once?

An Easier Solution to Rowing a Boat

In shouldn’t be much of a surprise given the name of the machine (rowing) that the intent is to mimic rowing on a boat. However, many of you probably don’t live by a body of water and own a row boat. Thus, this machine becomes a much easier solution. Then, if you get sick and tired of using the one at your local gym you can invest in one yourself. That way you can enjoy rowing in the pleasure of your own home. There are even some rowing machines that have water tanks which provide an even more immersive experience. You also don’t have to worry about getting wet, if you went that route!

They’re Easy to Use

So, let’s say that you are interested in this but are afraid that the machine will be too complicated to use. Well, if this is your current thinking, then you will take great pleasure in knowing that even a novice can handle this machine after a little while. It’s not necessary for you to be a fitness enthusiast to properly handle a rowing machine. However, you will want to understand how to use a good technique. The best thing you can do is watch a tutorial on how to properly use one. Once you do that (and find that it’s fairly simple), you will never have to again.

It’s Easy on Your Joints

Just because rowing machines give you a full body workout doesn’t mean that your body is going to be in pain while operating one. Due to the fact that your feet are securely stable on the pedals (locked in with straps) and your hands are always on the handlebars, there isn’t any unnecessary impact on your joints. What’s also convenient about this is if you are nursing an injury, you can still get a workout. If injured (not talking serious injuries), you can go at a very low speed ensuring that you don’t aggravate it.

You Can Make It Fun

Sometimes, you need to add a little flare to your workout routine. If you do plan on investing in a rowing machine yourself, you can get really creative. For example, while rowing you could pop in your favorite movie (or TV show) and watch it in the background. What’s the point of just sitting on your couch watching it when you can do so while exercising? However, you don’t even have to do anything like that. Simply challenging yourself each day to pedal at an increased resistance can give you something to shoot for. Eventually, you could become a seasoned veteran and master all resistance levels. For some, mastering something is the most fun of all.

Now, you don’t have to make any rash decisions. Here’s what you should do. Wherever you can try one of these out (whether that is at your local gym or a friend’s house), do so. It would be a shame for you to feel like you are wasting your time. However, the benefits of rowing machines are too huge to pass up so you should at least attempt to try one out.