Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Product Description

Why Go the Pressure Cooking Route?

Pressure cookers aren’t just your average cookware, when you use one in the kitchen, you’re going to be blessed with a piece of equipment that makes all of your meal preparation way easier. If you wanted the best piece of pressure cooker that the market has to offer, the only way you can do it is through looking at reviews. I make sure to check out as many as I possibly can before I make a purchase, because that’s the only way for me to get the “perfect fit”. A lot of different things are needed to be incorporated within a pressure cooker for it to be great, and this might follow that trend.

How Does It Work?

Pressure cookers use the build up of steam and pressure inside of a small chamber to cook your food, which is why rice and vegetables are the most obvious choice in this case. When you use a pressure cooker, your food is going to retain a lot more of the flavors that it should naturally sport. If you’ve never tried to cook through the use of a pressure cooker before, I would seriously suggest you give it a shot – odds are you’ll end up loving it.


You can cook all sorts of food with this pressure cooker, including: chicken, fish, meat and even vegetables. The regulator of this pressure cooker will maintain the levels in your cooker without any problems. There’s also a recipe book that comes alongside the pressure cooker, and the cover lock indicator is used to make sure you’re aware of whether pressure is present or not. The helper handle will allow you to work with the pressure cooker easier every single time through – and isn’t it the best thing to do in this situation?

Pro’s and Con’s: Breaking Everything Down


You can cover all sorts of proteins through the use of this pressure cooker, and vegetables will be another ideal food to cook with it as well. The pressure is automatically kept with this pressure cooker, it can be completely cleaned through the use of a dishwasher, too. There’s actually a 12 year warranty in place here, which is quite crazy, as 12 years is a very long time; there’s nothing wrong with that! My vegetables have never tastes so good after being steamed, and that’s the truth.


Honestly , it was very hard to find a con with this product. I’ve seen other reviews talking about how the pressure cooker didn’t hold up their material requirements, but mine was just fine for well over a few months.

Pressure Cooker Summary

It’s a very high quality pressure cooker that’s got a lot to offer just about anybody, and it’s also one that you would find on Pressure Cookers Portal (which is an online resource for all sorts of information related to pressure cookers). Whatever you do, make sure you end up buying the right product.