Inspire Cardio Strider Recumbent Exercise Bike

Inspire Cardio Strider Recumbent Exercise Bike Review


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Product Description

Are you looking to expand your home gym with the latest piece of kit which is designed to get you looking your best? Well help is here as a recumbent exercise bike may be exactly what you are looking for. The Inspire Cardio Strider is one of these and it is the machine we will be looking at in closer detail today. Just in case you were wondering, a recumbent bike is one on which the seat sits slightly further back to further alleviate the stress exercise such as this can put on your joints, so it could be a very good addition to your home. To take a look at other similar bikes you can visit to find out more.                                 

What features does it have?

Let’s begin with a much underrated part of the machine, but one that is more crucial the more you use it. The part I am talking about is the seat. The one on this machine has a low step through height which offers easy access and it is padded and molded in such a way that it is incredibly comfortable for your derriere. Trust me when I say that you will slowly begin to appreciate this more and more as your time with the bike goes on! The back pad helps from part of the seat has three different reclining positions, so it does not matter how tall or wide you are, you will be able to find a position which is comfortable. Next up is the most important feature in the whole bike; the levels of resistance. Without these there would be no point in even peddling as you would be able to do it with ease. Luckily, to avoid this issue the Inspire has 16 levels of resistance, so it can help anyone from first time novice right through to Olympic level athlete! Even on the top level of resistance the easy back and forth reciprocating leg movement drives through the hips to reduce knee shear, so injuries should be a thing of the past.

How big is it?

This exercise bike measures 58 x 32 inches so it isn’t one of the bigger machines out there but you will still notice it in your gym room. You will however need to have worked out your arms previously as it weighs a rather heavy 183 pounds! 

Elaborate on the positives

To find a gym machine that can be used easily by people of almost any athletic level is a rarity but this is what the Inspire does. You can’t really go wrong with this bike as although it is simple to use it still includes enough features to satisfy the more hardcore athletes.

Tell me the negatives too

The weight is the only real downfall with this exercise bike. As it is such a heavy unit there is the potential for problems if it is placed on certain types of floor, so this is something worth keeping an eye on.

What’s the summary?

Perfect for juniors, adults and everything in between, this bike will make a welcome addition to your home. It is very easy to set up and even easier to use, so you now have no excuses for not doing that workout you’ve been putting off for a couple of days now…….