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Honeywell RTH2300B1012/A Programmable Thermostat Review

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Product Description

I live in what can be considered a relatively old house and there are a lot of both good and bad points about this. The good include all of the character and stories that are kept within its walls and as for the bad, the lack of control we have over the central heating is right up there. With it being an older home we are controlled by the heating and not the other way round! It was a revelation for me when I discovered that there are thermostats that you can programme down to the minutest of details, but with that in mind today I am going to look at the Honeywell RTH2300B1002/A Thermostat to see what it can do for you!


If you are like me you are going to be shocked by the list of features I am about to reel off for this tiny little machine. For starters there are two different setting times for the different times you are in the house. You can programme it once for weekdays and again separately for weekends. So it doesn’t matter if you steal a few extra hours in bed on Saturday and Sunday morning, this thermostat will ensure that you will be warm whenever you wake up! The fact that you can set if for four different periods during a day is only a bonus! The Honeywell is accurate to within +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit for consistent comfort and you will easily be able to see whichever temperature you are choosing thanks to the backlit digital display. This same digital display also gives you the option to display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and have the option of either a 12 or 24 hour clock. The final and probably most impressive feature that this thermostat has is that it is compatible with heating, cooling and heat pumps without auxiliary heat. However it does not work with electric baseboard heat or multistage HVAC systems.

The Good Points

Customers up and down the land have only really had good things to say about the Honeywell and the few bad ones they have mentioned are tiny (we will get onto these in a second.) You will all be pleased to hear that this thermostat is very easy to install, as all you will really need is a small screwdriver to get to work. Once on the wall programming it is also incredibly easy so you should not really face any problems in the set up or usage of this device.

The Bad Points

As mentioned there are a couple of bad points that come with this thermostat but they are hardly worth mentioning. Firstly, this piece of kit is one which requires batteries, which when you compare it too the some other on the market is a mark against its name. Secondly, some customers have complained that it lacks some user control of temperatures, but this may just be customers being very picky.

The Conclusion

It may be a simple thermostat at the lower end of the market but the Honeywell will not steer you wrong. It does everything it is supposed to and more, and if you want to see how it stacks up against its competitors as demonstrated by Chris then you can do that here!