Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor

Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor Review

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Product Description

The kitchen can be a very overwhelming place. If you are unfamiliar with how things work then you may struggle to get a foothold in one of the most equipment filled rooms in the house. There is a piece of kitchen equipment for almost every need imaginable, but one of the most popular of these is the food processor. More and more people are looking to have a food processor in their homes as they are so useful, but this then poses the question of which is the best processor to get! Today we intent to help you out and we will be doing so by looking at the Hamilton Beach 70730 food processor to see exactly what it can do!

What features does it have?

If you’ve ever used a food processor before you will know that one of the most annoying things in the world is having to scrape all of the food which has gotten stuck to the side of the bowl off to ensure it gets correctly processed. Well, with the Hamilton Beach this is no longer a worry as it automatically scrapes the side of the bowl so there will be no digging around with a spatula! The 10-cup capacity built in scraper works whilst the processor is both on and off, and the Hamilton Beach also has 2 different speeds and a chopping blade too! Some food processors suffer from being unable to process a lot of food at once, but the Hamilton solves this issue by having a large food chute built in. It’s also dishwasher safe which will save you another job in the kitchen!

What are the Positives?

Most food processors make noise, and this noise is usually extremely loud. The Hamilton Beach however seems to have taken care of this as it has been designed to be quitter than the norm. Not silent, but nevertheless a lot quieter than other comparable machines. Other customers have complimented this processer on its versatility, claiming that it can make anything from hash brown, to salsa, right through to grated cheese so it comes in useful in so many different situations! If you want to work on the recipe of your favourite dish with the help of this or another similar food processor, then you can do just that here with ease on the Mrs Food Prep website!

What’s bad about it?

There have been complaints from previous users of this processor that the build quality is not of the highest level possible. They have also said that on occasion it will struggle to blend relatively simple things together and this is not what you want in a food processor!


The Hamilton Beach looks as if it will serve you extremely well as a food processor if you are lucky enough to avoid one of the machines which seems to have been built to a lower standard. The problems that do pop up with this machine are only found on the odd one and not across the board, so you could do a lot worse than to look more closely at the Hamilton Beach.