Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer Review

Hamilton Beach 63325 6-Speed Stand Mixer Review

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Product Description

Let Me In On a Secret: Stand Mixers and You

Stand mixers will come off as being very useful, especially when you have a pie or cake that needs to be baked – let alone a pizza! My children and I are always looking forward to pizza night, which is when all of us come together and decorate a pizza with one another. Whenever this night pops up, we have one of the best times that you could ever hope for. My sons learn about what makes a pizza healthy, and I get to make my very own dough! That’s right, a lot of people head out to the store and buy the dough already made, but not me.

With my stand mixer, I can make the dough in my house, all I need are the proper ingredients. Most of the time you see people making pizza dough with their hands in the movies, but that’s just impractical, most commercial spaces use a very large stand mixer. I’m not a business, so I didn’t need a massive one, which lead me to this particular product that we’re reviewing right now. You don’t have the be a believer, not yet, anyways! I’m going to look at some of the features, and then hopefully let you know of which ones won’t be a complete waste of time.

Standing Mixer Features

Just like the Stand Mixer Discount page, this is a review that will go through the features rather quickly. This mixer goes through the same mixing action as all of the other Kitchen Aid mixers on the market (which are the most common ones you’ll see), and it comes with 3 different attachments to give you a little more versatility than you might be accustomed to. The motor carries a whopping 300 watts of power at its peak, and it’s going to go through a much better mixing process than any other 2-beater stand mixer around.

Words That I Made Up

My Pro’s

3 attachments is more than I could have asked for, even though a lot of other stand mixers tend to come with a dozen or so. The mixing process is efficient and powerful, and the 300 watt motor allows me to realize my true mixing potential! I never need to waste any time with this product, and it’s enjoyable (to say the least).

My Con’s

Like many other stand mixers around right now, I feel like they could have given me access to a few more accessories than they already have. It’s a small con, but a con nonetheless.

The Bird Is the Word (Summary)!

It’s a great stand mixer, and I don’t know about you, but I like not spending way too much money on kitchenware and such. It’s affordable, and will always keep you in the right (in regards to any mixing you may need handled, of course). Your kitchen limits are pretty much out of this world when you have a piece like this inside of your home.