Elite Platinum MST-900R MaxiMatic Slow Cooker

Elite Platinum MST-900R MaxiMatic Slow Cooker Review

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Product Description

Kitchen appliances have eased the way of life over the past decades introducing us to wonderful things such as the microwave oven and the slow cooker. Roasters and other appliances that are similar to slow cookers do not do the job adequately enough. A slow cooker creates a seal so that the food cooks through the heating element and creates burnt-free, delicious meals. When considering adding a new appliance to your kitchen, choose the slow cooker; it not only slowly cooks food throughout the day, many cookers have several other functions that allow you to enjoy your time away from the stove.

Product Features and Functions

The Elite MaxiMatic slow cooker has four different settings controlled by a single nob. These settings include the off position, warm, low, and high. The smooth finish of the stainless steel exterior is easy to clean and maintain. Grip handles on both sides and a decent sized knob atop the glass top makes for great transporting, opening, and closing.  The top’s glass is tempered glass that is clear meaning you can see through it and it can take the pressure of high heat. You can find more information over here on this slow cooker and more.

The Great News

Many people rave about how awesome this crock pot, or slow cooker, is because it is easy to clean and lightweight. Being lightweight it is easier to store on shelves or out of sight, no matter the height. The stoneware can be wiped out easily with a damp cloth making it one of the easiest appliances to clean. The insert can be purchased as an 8.5 quart insert, also making it one of the largest crock pots manufactured. Being this slow cookers is under $50 makes it another great choice when in the market for a crock pot or slow cooker.

The Not-so-Great News

Do not let the size of the slow cooker fool you. The MST 900R slow cooker has had a few bad reviews regarding the pace of cooking. Some consumers have experienced the cooker shutting off or only heating up to a warm setting instead of the set high. A few consumers have noted that the unit seems to be poorly put together. The areas where there are screws seem to never tighten up when the screws are tightened. Another note that some consumers have made is of the stainless steel claim. Many argue that it is aluminum.

Slow Cooking Sensations

Slow cookers are great, even though they take all day to cook a meal, the slow cook makes the meal taste even better than a two hour bake. There are several recipes that can be found online and through cook books especially designed for slow cookers. The Platinum MST 900R unit is by far one of the top of its class and rates exceptionally high in rankings. It can function as your personal chef while you’re away at work, or focused on other tasks throughout the day.